transform., the journal for Transformative Social Change, is published by the Center for Transformative Change (CXC).

the latest issue of transform. can be found here:


CXC is the first national center entirely dedicated to bridging the inner and outer lives of social change agents, activists and allies to support a more effective, more sustainable social justice movement.

We name, frame and advance Transformative Social Change by both developing practices and programs for agents of social change and working in collaboration with leading organizations to help shape this emerging movement. Most importantly, CXC reflects the field and the movement back to itself by publishing the transform. blog and monthly journal, thus strengthening our collective identity, community, and shared vision.

In January 2009, we completely redesigned and re-launched our monthly

newsletter to become: “transform.: the vision and practice of transformative

social change” to become the central vehicle for news, articles, essays and

interviews that capture the growth and breadth of the field of Transformative

Social Change.


From the first issue until now, transform. has connected with the

news of the current moment and related it to the importance and value of inner

work as it meets social change. Sections include monthly articles that focus on areas

from particular inner life challenges and practices that can be done to navigate

them to real-life examples of organizational impact of using transformative

practice and approaches to their work. transform has quickly become a welcome

monthly arrival in people’s inboxes with broad appeal and a growing readership:


“I started this and read the essay – far as I’ve gotten – and it is brilliant!  Right

on! Love and happiness!  I was missing “Urban Peace” but now I see what

“Transformative Change” is about.”  — Alice Walker, Novelist & Poet


“I loved the new Transform and your piece in it. Thank you for creating  

it, and for sending it!” –Marian Moore, playBIG


“B, Check out this website. This sista Angie (sic) is the real deal. Great

meditation classes. I have to start going back myself.” –anonymous reader


“Ms. angel, you are brilliant!  As always.

love, Akaya” (Windwood), President, Rockwood  Leadership