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Center for Transformative Change
Practice Hall Rental

Thank you for your interest in renting the Practice Hall for your event(s). Below is important information that we ask everyone who wishes to use the Center for Transformative Change Practice Hall to read.


Center for Transformative Change is the physical home of the nationally-based organization Transformative Change. We endeavor to make our beautiful, free-standing Practice Hall available to as many as possible in the spirit of creating a viable space for community gathering, learning and advancement of transformation, wellbeing/healing and social justice and work that lies at the intersection of these areas. As an expression of our values and mission:

  • We give priority to individuals and small, community-based organizations that have a focus on these areas.
  • We give priority to people that work with, create opportunities for, and lift up historically and currently marginalized peoples and communities.
  • We give priority to programs that intend to reach audiences that include people of diverse backgrounds, including racial, ethnic, cultural, sexual and gender orientations and expressions.

How to Apply

Read this information, then fill in the Practice Hall Inquiry Form towards the bottom of the page. For a confirmed reservation, we must receive the completed form and a 20% nonrefundable deposit.

General Rates

Our rates minimally cover the costs of maintaining the space at a high level of care.

We are not well-suited for all types of events given that we are a living community and exist within a larger community of neighbors, thus we maintain the right to be selective. Please make all requests and inquiries through our Practice Hall Inquiry Form so we can further discuss the details and pricing.

  • Lower rates for half, full & multiple days.
  • Special rates are available for very small nonprofits, co-hosted events and for CXC partner organizations.


  • 20 – Circle/U-Shape
  • 30 – Meeting
  • 40 – Classroom
  • 50 – Open Gathering

The space is approximately 620 square feet with the long side being 37.5 feet long.

Equipment and Staff

NOTE: Arrangements for equipment and/or setup must be made with the Rental Coordinator in advance. This includes requests for equipment, number and placement of cushions and/or number and configuration of chairs. The Center staff does not operate equipment for groups. It is the responsibility of the group to have a trained person there to run the equipment.

Additional Fees

  • Cancellation Fee of one-third of the rental fee applies when renter fails to notify the Center’s Coordinator of cancellation at least two business days prior to the scheduled room rental date. This is in addition to the nonrefundable deposit.
  • Room Cleanup Fee of $30.00 applies when the Center’s Coordinator needs to clean a room after a meeting, i.e. clean the floor, etc.
  • Staff Assistance Fee. Generally speaking, rental of the Practice Hall is a self-service affair. The Center does not provide staff for your event other than answering questions if staff are in the office the day of the event. For any needs beyond this, there are additional fees of $25/hour for any staff member provided to your organization, if available and only by prearrangement.


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