fearlessMEDITATION is a  practical, non-sectarian sitting meditation style designed, from the ground up, with a social justice lens and framework. Our 3-part signature series is organized around the practices of the body, breath, and mind.  fearlessMeditation workshops at level I and II are offered at no cost for activists and agents of social change.


fearlessMeditation I | Practice of the Body

fM I focuses on foundational principles of sitting meditation, recognizing that a stable body gives us the option of attaining a stable mind.

in fM I you will:

– get a basic overview of social justice
– learn how to take a steady, comfortable seat
– learn about the MAP of social transformation
– learn how fearless Meditation can help you be a more effective activist or agent of social change

Great for beginners and transformative for experienced meditators.


fearlessMeditation II | Practice of the Breath

fMII focuses on developing depth through relationship with the breath. Once the body is brought to relative stillness, awareness of the breath, the life force that is always with us, can be cultivated.

In fM II you will:

– learn breath techniques such as Bamboo breathing, Victory breath, & Warrior breathing
– expand your understanding of the MAP of social transformation
– practice a two-point technique to deepen your meditation experience

Prerequisite: fM I


fearless Meditation III | Practice of the Mind

fM III focuses on refinement and integration of the subtleties of the mind.

In fM III you will:

– learn how to deal with different states of mind
– build awareness around your personal energy field
– gain understanding of how to work with the mind and incorporate techniques and practices introduced in fM I and II

Prerequisite: by permission only, after taking fM I & II