deep practice initiative | embodied transformative leadership

deep practice institute | embodied transformative leadership

The collaborative process, ironically, starts with a significant self-awareness assessment.  It’s good to know what you bring; it’s good to know what others bring.  From there, synergy has a chance to spark.  There is nuance to what it means to collaborate well, both inter-organizationally, intra-organizationally, and movement-wide.  This kind of knowledge is essential to building movements that are sustainable and aligned.

The Deep Practice Institute was a project created in the recognition that there are many practices that when practiced regularly and over time, are transformative.  While CXC has a set of core organizational practices, it does not have an allegiance to any particular transformative practice.  Highly engaging practices, practiced over time, illuminate the path to practice, itself.  In CXC’s commitment to helping build capacity and containers for deep practice especially in movement building, it is recognized that one’s inner work must be done first.

In order for the work of transformative social change to move out into the world, the organizations doing the moving, need to embody the qualities that deep practice help cultivate.  The Deep Practice Institute was created as a way to deepen and widen the knowledge base and teaching capacity of CXC’s principle training staff.  In addition to deepening into CXC’s core practices of fearlessMediation, fearlessYoga, and 3 | One Form, ongoing and regular training occurs in Forward Stance & 60/40 Stance™ through Norma Wong and Conscious Embodiment &  Leadership Embodiment with Wendy Palmer.

CXC is uniquely situated that there is ongoing relationship, rooted in deep practice, with the developers of both Forward Stance and Conscious Embodiment/Leadership Embodiment.  Together with, CXC’s core practices of fearlessMeditation, fearlessYoga, and 3|1 Practice, this makes a powerful combination of depth, illumination, accessibility, timeliness, and sustainability.  Between Norma Wong, Wendy Palmer, and angel Kyodo williams, there are over many, many decades of deep practice represented.  Never before have the lifeworks of these three powerful women, powerful deep practitioners, been bound together and presented in a social justice framework. CXC is in development of such a curriculum, called Embodied Transformative Leadership (eXl),  moving forward another lens of somatic work which will be incorporated into the larger work of The Presence Project.