interested in working with Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei?

Hello – we’re happy you made it here. We want to invite you to complete a questionaire as you decide if this position is right for you!

It’s brief, we hope it will be entertaining!

In the meantime, here’s the full original job description.

Personal Assistant for Rev. angel Kyodo williams

The Center for Transformative Change (CXC) is looking for qualified applicants for a unique position and arrangement. You will serve in the role of Personal Assistant to Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei (Rev. angel), a dharma teacher, author, activist and foremost thinker in the emerging Transformative Change movement. The qualified candidate will be an intentional, highly motivated, energetic, organized self-starter with an abiding interest in advancing and supporting the multi-faceted vision, mission and work of Rev. angel Kyodo williams from both public-facing and intimate personal standpoints. You will be skilled in your own right and learning-oriented, joining our small, unique organization during a period of dynamic transition and growth. Rev. angel, or Kyodoshi, as she is called by students, is also:

  • a deeply practiced woman of color with strong personality and highly developed social/cultural analysis & critique
  • rooted in Zen/Buddhist core practices, with emphasis on embodiment and personal transformation modalities
  • alternately lively and engaging, as well as introspective/”to herself”

This is currently a 0.50 FTE position (20 hours/week), non-exempt, residentially-based position. In exchange for work as Personal Assistant, we offer residence (room, board, utilities + amenities, see details below) at the Center for Transformative Change, a lovely, large Berkeley home with a free-standing practice space. As a direct benefit of this configuration, you will also receive the additional value of Rev. angel’s direct coaching, mentoring and support in your personal development, as well as professional training. Hours are 75% scheduled and 25% on-call, with flexibility needed when Rev. angel is at an event, traveling, etc. Possibility of local and national travel for the right candidate exists.

Current projects in motion:

  • Nationwide travel promoting recently published book, to offer talks, retreats and trainings at social justice-invested, buddhist, mindfulness-ased and other spiritually-aligned organizations
  • Continuous development and delivery of 27 Days of Change trainings worldwide via the internet
  • Building out of embRACE: EMBodied RACE & Power Awareneness trainings and facilitation for mindfulness/buddhist/dharma/yoga institutions and communities
  • Building study and practice companion for Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love & Liberation
  • Writing essays and blog posts
  • Transcribing/editing an archive of 100+ talks, dialogues and interviews
  • Developing two new books to be published in 2017
  • Developing Train-the-Trainer and coaching programs to be delivered via internet and live

As Personal Assistant to Rev. angel, you will work closely with a thought leader working at the intersection of eco and racial justice, buddhism/spirituality and movement-level activism. If you can see yourself benefiting from the one-on-one guidance of a social visionary who “envisions the building of a presence-centered social justice movement as the foundation for personal freedom, a just society and the healing of divisions of race, class, faith and politic,” then you will suit this role and it will suit you.  On the other hand, here are a few reasons NOT to apply:

  • You are primarily looking for a room
  • You expect to be in transition in the next six months
  • You think it is fine to send a generic cover letter
  • You don’t have good spelling and punctuation. If you see red lines while typing on the computer and choose to ignore them, that means you!

The person in this role reports administratively to the Administrator but works in a collaborative manner using an online project manager. Our Core team is located at the Center for Transformative Change, a residence and practice space, in Berkeley, CA. This role would best be viewed as a startup-like position with very strong potential to become an Executive position with meaningful increase in compensation and benefits within one year.



  • Two to five years relevant work experience in personal assistance or equivalent project management.
  • Demonstrable grasp of social justice issues and analysis.
  • The phrases “white supremacy, whiteness, patriarchy, etc” should not make you uncomfortable.
  • If you have the required skills range and knowledge base, formal education is not a factor.
  • Familiarity with working with start-up and/or growth organizations especially valued.


CORE RESPONSIBILITIES (what you’re taking on):

Scheduling & Communication (60%)

  • act as primary “gatekeeper” and buffer, corresponding via email/text/phone/mail/social
  • schedule and maintain real-time calendar across multiple time-zones & accounts
  • field, direct and track incoming requests from multiple venues
  • cultivate ongoing relationships with relevant communities and institutions
  • facilitate and arrange speaking events, retreats and public engagements
  • review and negotiate contract terms
  • provide support with logistics and planning
  • track deadlines related to events and engagements

Project Management and Administrative (25%)

  • utilize online project management, scheduling, automation & hiring software and tools
  • oversee projects for small teams of volunteers and interns
  • screen, interview, hire and manage online freelances and interns
  • facilitate expansion of relationships
  • attend weekly administrative meetings (currently Tuesdays, 1pm)
  • submit and track engagement invoices and reimbursable expenses to admin
  • sift, sort and organize files – both paper and digital
  • develop, improve and give input on relevant systems

Personal Errands and Support (15%)

  • run personal errands, including periodic airport drop-off/pickups
  • wash light dishes and laundry
  • sort, track and pick up medication


QUALIFICATIONS (what you have under your belt):           

  • ready to commit to an average of 20hrs per week of work (~25% on-call), including weekends, as needed
  • excellent oral & written communicator, preferably a firm/direct/efficient style, without being aggressive
  • competent project coordinator, able to plan, self-manage and re-prioritize, as needed to meet deadlines
  • highly organized and good memory with ability to maintain awareness of personal and institutional relationships
  • willingness and ability to use online project management system to maintain team collaboration
  • demonstrated experience with executing verbal and written instructions and following reporting protocols
  • Mac, Internet, online technology and social media savvy (non-negotiable)
  • able to prioritize multiple tasks with excellent follow-through and time management skills
  • able to manage personal onsite home and professional office type responsibilities
  • able to lift 40lbs and flexible enough to reach into irregularly shaped storage spaces
  • able to work with a distributed team and delegate to or manage others
  • able to work under pressure and meet deadlines


SKILLS (what you know…well):   

  • Word Processing: Microsoft Word, basic Excel, Apple Pages, etc.
  • Google Apps: Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, etc
  • Cloud services: Dropbox, Evernote, etc
  • Online Communications: WordPress, Mailchimp, etc.


QUALITIES (who you are):     

  • an active spiritual practitioner, with both the zeal and fortitude to work intimately with a dharma teacher who is fiercely dedicated to love & justice
  • enthusiastic about taking on direct responsibility for a wide range of personal & public-facing support from personal errands and tasks to corresponding with head of a university or organization
  • discreet and able to maintain a high-level of confidentiality
  • strong commitment to and adept at personal responsibility, accountability, and clear communication
  • able to receive feedback and neither thin-skinned nor conflict averse
  • flexible, even-tempered, curious and creative
  • both detail oriented and able to step back & see the big picture



  • strong commitment to social, racial, economic, and environmental justice
  • able to work well with very diverse personalities and cultural backgrounds
  • strong commitment to inner-life development
  • possess and engage a regular meditation, yoga, qi gong, or other inner-life practice
  • queer-friendly
  • vegetarian-sensitive
  • ecologically aware and sensitive
  • easy-going and wicked sense of humor essential



  • you must have either supplemental employment or savings for your cash needs
  • your OWN car in working order, and be willing to use it regularly to run errands as needed (mileage paid)
  • your OWN personal iPhone and Mac computer, and be prepared to use it for this work (not negotiable)


As a core resident at the Center for Transformative Change, you will be expected to:

  • attend the weekly core resident’s meeting whenever possible (Fridays 9:15am)
  • contribute to the functioning of the house by completing weekly chores (totaling 3 hours weekly)
  • participate in two out of three, 30-minute morning ‘work-practice’ periods per week (8am-8:30, Tue/Wed/Fri). This helps maintain the grounds and property (extension of chores, done as group)
  • be forthright and willing to communicate residential matters via text and email
  • have all the requisite being-in-community skills of clear communication, respect of differences, aligning with agreements, etc.
  • be comfortable with good standards of tidiness and cleanliness (we are heavily influenced by years of practice rigor that equates care of space and attention to detail to mindfulness/awareness)
  • interest in periodic group practice (non-paid) with Core
  • NOTE: Responsibilities that come with being a resident are not counted toward work hours


  • desire to hang out in a lovely garden


The Residence

The CXC Residence is a large seven bedroom, two-story Edwardian, centrally located in South Berkeley.  Our office is located on the ground floor.  We are ideally situated between the Ashby and Downtown Berkeley BART stations, no more than a 15 minute walk to either.  In addition, to plentiful street parking, our location is easily walkable to two of Berkeley’s famous year-round Farmer’s Markets, as well as easy access to the amenities associated with living near a large University (cafes, shops, etc.). We have a beautiful free-standing Practice Hall located to the rear of the main residence, and our sizable property is fenced with bamboo and contains a meditation garden and in-progress pond.  Our property has a peaceful, yet communal feel with the meditation garden open to the public and our practice community at specified times during the week.

We are an eco-friendly, queer-friendly, health-conscious, vegetarian household. We actively engage in reducing our carbon footprint on the; eating and food shopping for what is local, organic, and in season; composting, recycling, being mindful of our energy consumption, and reducing our overall use of plastic.



We are a former/transitioning residential community and nonprofit organization, that is currently restructuring and in a low-key phase of operations. We rent several of our rooms out on Airbnb. This is low-key & is tended to by other residents also participating in a work exchange relationship. For a detailed description of our intentional community and the house, property & amenities, use google to search for “Berkeley Intentional Community Center for Transformative Change”, and you will find our online listing.

All residents live on the second floor of the home. The available room is approximately 8.5′ x 12′, with a closet and 3 windows. It can come unfurnished or semi-furnished with a twin size bed. There are three bathrooms on the property, one with a shower. Our core residents work for Transformative Change (XC), a nonprofit organization, that is run from this location (see: We are also the physical home base of the newDharma community.

Current residential Core members are 2 women of color, including Rev. angel, 1 man of color, a mostly-outdoor cat and 1 African Grey parrot.



The first month will serve as a non-binding trial period, after which arrangement may be reassessed and amended. Initially, 20 hours of work per week + core resident responsibilities, in exchange for room, board*, and utilities (*board=shared food staples). As we have one fridge for the house, core residents buy and share food (staples) communally.



Above all, follow these instructions. If you cannot be bothered, please do not apply. We privilege responding to everyone that applies with some effort to pay attention to the basics.

STEP 1: Read this entire listing and complete this short questionnaire.

STEP 2: Send a resume, three (3) references and a bit about yourself and why you are interested in this unique arrangement in the form of a cover letter, via email to the email address provided at the bottom of the questionnaire.

STEP 3: No calls or visits or clever approaches via social media or website contact forms, please. Serious applicants will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their materials. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will continue until the position is filled.

People of all backgrounds, orientations, races, non/genders, ethnicities are encouraged to apply.